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Zonal Process for Indian Participation

The 10th IWHM Organizing Committee invites write-ups/descriptions for paper presentation, cultural events, organization of workshops, symposia, etc, relating to the theme and objectives of the Meeting. The deadline for submission is extended till March 15, 2005.

Guidelines for Submissions:

The write-up must clearly address the IWHM theme and objectives.
The contents should focus on work done in the last three years.
It should contribute to action and / or to conceptual clarity.
It should not have been presented in previous international conferences or meetings.

Please organize the text of the write-up as follows:

  • A statement of the program/project objectives, or main point of the paper/workshops/symposiums/cultural events.
  • A statement of the strategies/methods used.
  • A summary of the results/lessons learned.
  • A statement of conclusions reached, including implications for policy, if any.

The write-up must indicate the preferred method of presentation: oral, poster, or cultural expression.

An author may send up to two write-ups.

up (in English/ Spanish/ French or in any Indian language) should not exceed 300 words.

Please capitalize the entire title and do not abbreviate. Give the complete names in capitals, for every author.

Use standard abbreviations in brackets after the complete word appears for the first time Please do not include graphs, tables and references in the write-up.

For further details about the participation in the 10th IWHM, please write to

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