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Focal Theme I

Public Health, Health Sector Reforms And Gender

Several countries have gone through at least a decade of structural adjustment programs as part of the lending conditionality of IMF and World Bank. The adverse results and impositions have affected the health sector in several ways,as large-scale transformation disproportionately burdens the poor and particularly, women.The 10th IWHM hopes to understand how these processes have had an impact across gender, class, caste, race, disability, sexuality and ethnicity.

Some questions that will be explored through this focal theme are:

  • What is the role of the state and market in commercialization of health services and medical education?
  • How do health sector reforms impact gender equality?
  • What were/are the forms of resistance or negotiations with respect to the consequences of health sector reforms at the local and national levels?
  • How are women and communities being mobilized to evolve alternative models of health care provision as well as demand right to health care?
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