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Focal Theme 2

Reproductive And Sexual Health Rights

During the past decade, reproductive and sexual rights have seen a number of shifts, both forward and backward. Diverse struggles are being waged around the world on these issues. The common threads of patriarchal dominance that women in general and sexual minorities in particular face will be addressed in the IWHM.

The 10th IWHM will attempt to address the following questions:

  • How do heightened militarism, consumerism and fundamentalism in the era of globalisation, construct masculinity and femininity?
  • How do broader issues of class, race, disability and gendered roles interface with sexual rights and reproductive rights?
  • How do we place sexual and reproductive rights in the larger context of decision-making, informed choice, freedom, negotiation and multiple identities?
  • How is the right to information about sexuality and reproduction being violated by religious dogma?
  • What should we ask for as “rights” and what would we prefer to leave out of state intervention?

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