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1.3 Population Policies and Health

Population control policies are making a comeback across the globe despite the fact that most countries have vouched to abide by the ICPD Platform of Action, which upholds sexual and reproductive rights. Anti-women stances and the reversal of sexual and reproductive rights are being witnessed under different guises in different countries, but universally they are part of heightened militarism and growing fundamentalist positions of being adopted by almost all countries. Population control ideology and policies have become a weapon/tool of national security. While feminists and women’s movements across the world, for over a decade, have continually focused attention on the dangerous intersections among reproductive rights, the resurgence of population politics in the era of growing militarism has become an additional issue that needs to be woven into these concerns.

1. Introduction 1.1 Global Restructuring and Health
1.2 Environmental Concerns and Health 1.4 Militarism and Health
2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 3. Focal Themes

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