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1.1 Global Restructuring and Health

The global ‘architecture’, including economic restructuring is marginalizing the livelihoods of large majorities of people even as it changes socio-economic structures to suit neo-liberal market ideology. Women’s protests against structural adjustment, varying from concerns around food-security in the South to protests against welfare cuts in the ‘North’, echo similar concerns of the violation of basic economic justice which is fundamental for good health and well-being. The emergence of new forms of private property through Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in the field of agriculture has enabled transnational corporations (TNCs) to take away from Third World farmers their right to seed. In the same vein, upholding IPRs or refusing to regulate patents on vital drugs allows transnational pharmaceutical companies to keep the cost of life saving drugs prohibitively high and essential medicines thereby remain inaccessible to poor people all over the world.

1. Introduction 1.2 Environmental Concerns and Health
1.3 Population Policies and Health 1.4 Militarism and Health
2. The 10th IWHM Agenda 3. Focal Themes

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